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      Article 1 – Data protection

      Some functionalities offered by the Website constitute personal data processing as defined by French Data Protection law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 ("Personal Data"). Such processing has been notified to the French Data Protection Authority (the "CNIL"). For the purpose of your registration on the Website, PeclersParis collects your name, first name, email and postal address for a period not exceeding (24) months. These Personal Data shall not be used for commercial prospection measures, unless you have given your prior consent to such.

      In order for you to inform us of your wishes, upon registration, you have the right to accept/refuse, by ticking a box the use of your Personal Data:

      • By our partners for prospection measures;
      • To receive commercial proposition from our partners by email; and
      • To receive commercial offers from PeclersParis for products or services similar to those provided on this Website.

      In compliance with articles 39 and 40 of the French Data Protection law, you have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete your personal data by sending an email to You may also oppose, due to reasonable motives, to your Personal Data processing.

      Article 2- Cookies policy

      PeclersParis uses « cookies » to collect, take into consideration and store information relating to the Website’s Users. Cookies are text files, containing a limited number of information, which are stored on your computer when browsing the Website. Upon each visit of the Website, these cookies are recognized and communicate with the original Website and/or any other website which may recognize the cookies. The cookies are useful, as while recognizing the computer of the user, they offer an utmost and secured browsing.

      For any further information on the cookies, please visit the following website:

      The cookies have several functionalities: they allow to identifying the User and securing his session, they ease the browsing on the web pages, while memorizing the preferences, they allow the constitution and the memorization of baskets. They may also contribute to the publicity on line in order to make it fit with the personal interests of the User (targeted publicity).

      Cookies that can be used on the present Website are classified within four categories as set out in the identification table attached under appendix A:

      Category 1. Necessary cookies – These cookies are essential to browse the Website and use its functionalities for example to access to secured zones, identify and memorize the consultation format (personal computers, tablets, smartphones). Without these cookies, the requested services, such as basket purchase, electronic invoicing, would not be possible.

      [PeclersParis may also use cookies for social sharing. These cookies identify the User on the social network and allow a better interaction between its activities on such social networks and those on the present Website].

      Category 2. Functional cookies – These cookies enable the Website to memorize the choices made (user name, size and characters, language, region, etc.) and to provide improved functionalities, highly personalized. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymous and do not enable to follow the browsing of the User on other Websites.

      Category 3. Performance Cookies - These cookies collect information relating to the manner in which the User uses the Website, for example, the pages which are highly consulted and the potential error messages transmitted from these pages. These cookies do not collect any information relating to the User’s identification. All information collected by these cookies are aggregated and then anonymous. They only serve to improve the functioning of the Website.

      Category 4. Targeting and advertising Cookies – These cookies are used to publish advertising which correspond to the User’s expectations. They allow also limiting the number of time when the advertising is sent to the User and help in measuring the efficiency of an advertising campaign. They are usually placed by advertising networks with the authorization of the Website owner. They memorize the visit of the user and share this information with other companies such as advertisers.

      PeclersParis does not use this type of cookies for the moment but they may be used in the future. Should this be the case, PeclersParis will review its present policy in order to inform the User of the type of the targeting and advertising cookies used.

      How can you deactivate/activate the cookies?

      You have the possibility to accept or refuse the cookies by modifying the options of your browser. However such modification may lead to an impossibility to use all the functionalities of the Website if such cookies are deactivated.

      In order for you to be able to monitor the cookies and your choices, the configuration of each computer is different. It is described in the menu bar of your browser, which will allow you to know in which manner you may modify your wishes as regards the cookies.

      For Internet Explorer™ :

      For Safari™ :

      For Chrome™ :

      For Firefox™ :

      For Opera™ :

      Cookies of Adobe Flash Player™

      Adobe Flash PlayerTM is an application which permits the quick development of dynamic contents using computer language "Flash". Flash (and similar applications) memorize the parameters, the preferences and the use of these contents thanks to a similar technology to cookies. However Adobe Flash PlayerTM monitors this information and your choices by using and interface different from the one provided by your browser.

      In the case where your computer would be able to visualize contents developped by the language Flash, we invite you to access to your tools to manage the Flash cookies, accessible on the following website http:/

      Some recent browsers have functionalities for analyzing confidentiality policy provided for on websites, which allow the User to control their wishes as regards confidentiality. These functionalities are known under the name "P3P" (Privacy Preferences Platform).

      You may easily delete the cookies installed in the cookie file of your browser. For example if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer:

      • Open Windows Explorer
      • Click on the button "Search" in the tool bar
      • Type "cookie" in the search zone for "files and documents"
      • Select "computer" in the search zone
      • Click on "search", double-click on the identified files
      • Select a cookie file
      • Click on the button "del" of your keypad

      If you are not using Microsoft Windows Explorer, you can select cookies in the function "help" in order to identify your cookies files.

      Appendix A – Types of cookies used by the present Website